What makes us different?

  • Brain-friendly learning

    We base our learning on the principles of Neuroscience and brain-friendly learning. Our short, focused learning insights shortcut retention, retrieval, and application to make learning 'sticky'.

  • Practical and supportive

    If you want to transform, you need to create new habits. Our simple, supportive approach accelerates your growth plus our checklists, templates, and actions give you a push-start.

  • How are you doing?

    To accelerate your learning and keep you on track, we include learning checks, activities, focus questions, and quizzes. These keep you on your toes and enable you to see your progress.

Coming soon! More courses on PRISM and leadership.

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Prefer a team learning experience?

These courses can be flown solo or form part of a group learning experience

We also deliver these as part of our in-company learning experiences, which also feature interactive group sessions and a few additional accelerated learning methods to bring learning to life in the context of your organisation. Get in touch to find out how it works and get social together.